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Becoming attached to your favourite Birkenstock pair of shoes is quite understandable. Therefore we provide a specialised repair service to prolong the life of your shoes and the comfort of your feet.

As people’s feet differ, so too does the wear of their Birkenstocks. For those who wear the heels and tips of their shoes first, heel and toe tab replacements are available. These should be replaced when there is less than 1cm of the sole left in these areas, while the rest of the sole has little wear on it. For those who are particularly hard on their heels, hardwearing heel tabs are also available, which will further extend the life of your shoes. When the soles are worn evenly to less than 1cm, it is time for a complete sole replacement. Sole replacements are available for sandals as well as shoes. Please note that both the footbed and soles of Birkenstock shoes can be damaged by exposure to extreme heat. Do not leave them in a hot car in summer, and if they become wet, dry them out slowly, away from direct heat, never directly in front of a heater.

Birkenstocks with an exposed cork footbed, may require cork repair due to general wear over time. This is achieved by using heat moldable cork, which we build up and grind to the original shape of the footbed. To extend the life of your cork footbed we suggest you maintain this with a light covering of cork sealant.

For all your repairs and repair related enquiries, please contact us at The Birkenstock Shop. Note that repairs may take 7 to 10 working days.

The Birkenstock Shop
Shop 8
Station Square
240a Broadway

Ph: 09 520 0985

Alternatively take your repairs to an authorised repairer:

 Takapuna Shoe Repairs
467 Lake Road
Ph: 09 488 0102
Mistry Shoe Repairs
15 Customs Street East
Ph: 09 373 5664
 Birkenstock Out West
8 Corban Avenue
Ph: 09 837 4375

The Cobble Shop
Shop 3
Hillary Square

Ph: 09 426 6063

Lesvos Shoe & Bag Repairs

Wellington Railway Station

Main Entrance Bunny Street


Ph: 04 472 8430

 Maggie Mayz Shoe Make Overs
433 Gladstone Road
Ph: 06 867 1056


Dixon Street Shoe Repairs

39A Dixon Street


Ph: 04 384 3243